Me, a.k.a. Anders Nordström has been creating instrumental music on my computer since 2018.

25 years as an IT-consultant and a large interest in music did meet in the modern technologies possibilities to be more ”creative in a cultural way” even as a programmer! An old synthesizer from the eighties (Roland JX-8P!) is the keyboard and a music application (Ableton) made it all possible.

Grandfathers Project

”Grandfathers Project” started in 2021 when I became a grandfather for the first time! Then I made a track with my granddaughters ”heartbeat” as a rhythm throughout the hole track.

Someting happens inside when you hear the heartbeat from a new human being!

In this project there will only be ”feel-good-music” or music for the soul, also known as ”Soul-music”… Some tracks you will be able to find on streamingsites, but all music will be available in the webshop.

The ANomaly In Black

”The ANomaly In Black” started in 2018. In some way as ”therapy” from to much work…

”A computer, music program (DAW) and a synthesizer from the 80:s are all you need!

A computer and an old synth I already had, so when I got the music program, it was just to get to work. And the rest is history…